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Open source fonts for UI and graphic design

The right font can dramatically improve your website or application. In the past, open-source fonts came about through practice and professional skill. Such fonts could be made by experienced designers or professionals who release one open-source font to draw attention to fonts for sale. Not so long ago, even such large companies as Adobe and Google began to make their fonts open-source, transferring them to participants in the development of various open-source projects.

As a result of the efforts of the open-source community, now there are such high-quality open source fonts in the world that a professional typographer will not disdain to use them in a personal project. I have compiled a list of open-source fonts that will compete with popular fonts such as DIN, Proxima, Helvetica and might even convince you to ditch them. All fonts listed here are fully glyph files, which means they can be used for free in both personal and commercial projects.

Libre Baskerville


Space Grotesk

Public Sans





IBM Plex


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